The Sosna Philosophy

Subtlety. The most powerful treatments are the more subtle ones.

Focusing the pain management and therapy on training the mind how to become more in tune with subtle physical sensations. Directing thoughts toward the positive and expanding an individual’s pain-free awareness, increases the confidence in body movement. We achieve this through creating a positive professional environment and applying effective remedial, sports and relaxation massage techniques that are catered to each individual.

Mobile appointments: For professional mobile bookings near Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and Gosford areas please contact 0415 985 616 or

Imagine having a massage in the comfort of your own home. You are able to relax completely without having to travel to experience bliss. Understanding that daytime hours can be unmanageable to book a session for yourself, we can come to your home after the kids are in bed or after you’ve finished work, and can go straight to bed for an amazing night’s sleep.

Whether you prefer deep tissue sports massage, trigger point, dry needling or a gentle and deeply relaxing session, or if you’re a pregnant woman, Sosna can be there for you.

We offer home visits for those who are unable to attend the clinic due to postoperative conditions, disability, simply choose the safety and comfort of their own space, elderly patients who can enjoy the effortlessness of the therapist coming to treat them.

We provide a massage table, relaxing music and organic oils to create a tranquil experience whilst using effective therapeutic techniques.

Private health fund rebates are available.

Sosna provides professional mobile massages for clients within 5km of Sydney’s CBD and near the Gosford area in the Central Coast NSW.

Treat yourself or your staff to a massage within the comforts of home or work!

Why the Sosna is unique

The Sosna technique educates the patient-client’s mind and body connection through subtlety, so that the result is a self-rewarding personalised experience of energy nurturing and healing, whereby a deeper alignment of mind-body has been created.

As well as being trained with a 2 year Diploma of Remedial Massage, Sylwia is also university trained with a Bachelor of Health Science from the University of Sydney. She has over 10 years experience working in company with physiotherapists in their private practices and with other allied health practitioners. Currently, when not at the Maroubra Clinic, Sylwia is working alongside the physicians and surgeons of the Musculoskeletal Institute in Hurstville or is attending visiting patient-clients with the Sosna mobile home service.

She is continually updating the Sosna technique with additional mind-body research and personal experience, such as Vipassana Meditation; Costa Rican Energy Dynamics; Byron Bay Sound Healing. From both her formal training and her further research, Sylwia marries the scientific with the spiritual and relates it into each Sosna session.

The day spa atmosphere is emulated for her patient-client’s experience of Sosna. Rather than the cold, clinical environment of most therapist’s sessions, instead a warm, welcoming, wholesome space is created for the patient-client to trust, relax, and unlock the mind and body for deeper healing.

Mobile appointments: For professional mobile bookings near Sydney’s East and Gosford, areas please contact 0415 985 616 or

Your first appointment and what to expect

Each individual has absorbed a lifetime of different pain experiences. And YOUR experiences are unique. Sosna is tailored in each and every session to clear and remove these built up layers that no longer serve you and allow you to regain the alignment of the pure self.

Throughout the session Sylwia is observing the body and tuning into retraining the patient-client’s mind and body connection.

Let go of the expectations of a typical therapist’s systematic massage and be open to the Sosna experience, accepting the flow while the entire treatment is uniquely tailored as the massage progresses and the overall psychological and physiological pain relationship of your current condition is ascertained.

Constantly reading and watching the body, Sylwia transforms your mindfulness and resonates your energy beyond pain.

The Sosna session helps create access to a deeper way of being in your life in which you can make more conscious choices for health, wellbeing and freedom.

As Sylwia says, “The gift I give my clients is teaching them to be their own best friend”.


Sosna helps and maintains ongoing benefits




Stress Addiction




Chronic Pain

Stress Addiction
Sports Injuries
Chronic Pain

Mobile appointments: For professional mobile bookings near Sydney’s East and Gosford, areas please contact 0415 985 616 or