Sylwia Skoczylas - Mobile Massage

Sylwia Skoczylas (DipRM, BHlthSc)

Diploma of Remedial Massage, Randwick TAFE NSW

Bachelor of Health Science (Human Movement), University of Sydney

Chronic Pain Australia states: “Pain is ageless”, “Care and compassion count”, and that “Together anything is possible”.

All of us will either encounter a temporary injury, live with chronic daily pain, or love someone in pain.

Sylwia Skoczylas provides both those suffering temporary or chronic daily pain, and their families and carers, an improvement in daily life through her academic, foundational, practical, and evolving skillset, knowledge, and understanding.

She is able to create subtle, yet deep, core, resonating changes to the overall physiological and psychological pain relationship uniquely experienced for each of her patient clients.

Her expertise with both temporary and chronic nerve and musculoskeletal conditions, have already provided lasting change and relief to the growing numbers of sufferers.

Sylwia advocates a bio-psycho-social model, and it is her sharp listening and genuine-patient-care that is fundamentally why her clients feel the difference of her treatment specifically tailored to each individual situation and progression.

As she says and stands by, “I know my success with my patients stems solely from my teaching them to help themselves”.

Anthony - Massage Therapist

Anthony KS Maurin (BBmSc, CertMT, CertDry Needling)

Bachelor of Biomedical Science - University of Technology Sydney

Certificate of Massage Therapy - Nature Care College Australia

Anthony, Massage Therapist using different techniques such as Dry Needling, Acupressure (Trigger points), relaxation and remedial massage.

Prior to studying Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Anthony obtained a Diploma in Environmental Biology which gave him a fundamental understanding of our planet and our universe.
In addition, Anthony has studied Exercise Physiology and Sport psychology where he developed his skills and passion for human performance, consciousness, and health.
From a very young age, he has been interested in the meaning of life, fortunately for him, his father taught him meditation, Tai Chi, Reiki, and holistic massage.
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